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Printing Alexandria VA

Why to Seek Out Print Services from Printing Alexandria VA:

  • Small business publishing company
  • Magazine
  • Direct mail piece
  • Manuals & Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Pamphlets

Many reasons an individual might seek out Printing Alexandria VA for their print services can be conceived. These reasons might include starting a small publishing company, magazine, or other enterprise but can be as simple as needing pamphlets for a local church or having a book of the family genealogy professionally printed. The cost for print services varies by the number of pages in the project, choosing color or black and white, and other factors but can be quite reasonable even for individuals, especially when ordering print services online.

Print Services Include:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • QR Codes (quick response codes)

There are times when a small business or individual may need a fast printing of some of their materials. Though this might have been difficult in the past, technological advances has made Printing Alexandria VA capable of producing high quality products in a relatively short period of time.  Offset printing is commonly used in the printing industry which has its roots as far back as 1875, when it was developed by Robert Barclay. This method involves using a flat surface, covered in ink, to transfer an image onto paper and is commonly used to produce newspapers, magazines, and other print media. F Contact Fairfax Printing at  703-831-6618 for all of your print services and marketing needs!

Digital printing is, simply put, the use of large format inkjet and laser printing equipment to quickly and economically produce small runs of media such as books. As with many technological advances, this has enabled print services to be quite efficient and economical. It is a true breakthrough in the publishing industry.

Variable data printing is another amazing technological advance which allows print services to be performed in which it is possible to change elements such as text, pictures, etc from one printing to the next without slowing down the overall printing process. This is the predominate technology used in Print-on-Demand services.

Quick Response QR codes are the next generation of barcodes, allowing smartphones to retrieve text information, redirect to a mobile website, or connect to a wireless network. These Qr codes can be printed onto anything from the side of a bus to a page on a book, allowing users the ability to gain more information about any particular object.

Evolution of Print Services

Print services, since the advent of the modern printing press have evolved over time to allow access to reading materials to more and more individuals. Through the use of the aforementioned technologies, printing companies are capable of indoctrinating the world with knowledge that may never have been published in large quantities.

In closing, Print services have evolved since the advent of the printing press to the use of Qr codes in magazines, books, etc. Technology has grown to allow the average print services company, like Printing Alexandria VA, to quickly and efficiently print orders small and large.

For further information please call 703-831-6618 or email us at

Fairfax Printing
12587 Fair Lakes Circle
Fairfax, Va 22033
703 831-6618

Printing Alexandria VA | Digital Printing Alexandria VA | QR Codes Alexandria VA

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